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Style This Season

Posted on December 21, 2013 | 1 comment
Our style predictions for the season allow us to curate our collection of coveted luxury brands and drive upcoming sales events. From calligraphy and leather to collectible timepieces, this is what's in! After 2013's opulence, 2014 sees a complete transformation back to basics.

As the Year of the Horse unleashes its splendor, the elements inspire our style predictions for the season: calligraphy, leather, metal, sand, air and time.
Valentino Scarves
Calligraphy Print Scarves
Oversized Handbags
Shop Now: Oversized
Silver Jewels
Silver Jewels
Shop Now: Anything Beige
Aviator Sunglasses
Shop Now: Aviator Sunglasses
Vintage Rolex
Vintage Watches
With Europe blanketed in snow and Sydney heating up to record-highs, we bring you soft lambswool scarves to warm your soul and aviator sunglasses to soothe your eyes. Big is firmly back with over-sized leather handbags to adorn your slender arms and large silver jewels that shimmer with the hope of a better tomorrow.

However, before we can appreciate that better tomorrow, we must learn from yesterday and vintage watches are the new must-have, especially collectible timepieces from Rolex, that seem to have outperformed all other investments over the past 5 years. After all, they do say that time is the greatest luxury of all.

And as we reflect upon these shifting sands of time, we find that beige is firmly entrenched as the new black.

Feel free to browse our collection by trend using the menu at the top; just sit back with that cup of java, relax and connect with us if you need our assistance. Happy shopping!
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  • Rany Ng

    Great prices on the Versace bags, I need one (or two :)).


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